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If you are the parent or guardian of a child that may be gifted, it may be desirable to test for giftedness. Testing gifted children is important for several reasons. First of all, the proper tests can help parents and teachers identify both strong points and weaknesses. This is important because the child's strengths and aptitudes can be nurtured while weak points can be worked on in a way that does not put too much pressure on the child. Many people don't realize that a gifted child may be extremely talented in one area but need work in another.

Testing can also help the school your child attends determine whether or not they should be placed in a special talented and gifted (TAG) program. These programs are especially designed for children who have been designated as gifted and offer a curriculum to meet their special needs. Some gifted kids who are not enrolled in such a program may become bored in their normal classroom because the work is far below their abilities and they do not feel challenged or excited about learning. In addition to TAG programs for the intellectually gifted there are music and art programs for children who excel in these areas.

There are different kinds of tests that can be administered to determine giftedness. IQ tests given in a group classroom setting can help, however there are individual types of tests that can be administered that are even more helpful. These tests should be given by a specialist who is experienced in recognizing and working with gifted youngsters. Once the results are in the score will be evaluated and intellectual giftedness will be determined, staged or ruled out. There are different designation from mildly gifted to exceptionally and profoundly gifted.

Testing gifted children for artistic or athletic talents is a bit more difficult because there is no IQ test that can be given. However you may recognize certain talents in your child that are clear and evident. If this is the case, speak to their pediatrician or school regarding programs that recognize, develop and nurture their abilities. Schools offer athletic programs, artistic programs and music programs designed for talented youth. These programs can help children enjoy and nurture their gifts without making them feel out of place.


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News for Gifted Children:


Northeast Oakland Gifted Academy Interest EURŠ
Are you a parent concerned that your gifted child is not having his or her needs met in the schools? Are you an educator interested creating a classroom where high ability students learn at their own pace and level? Come join other parents and educators as ...

Your gifted child
When parents first hear a teacher say how bright their child is, theyre usually thrilled and proud to know that their youngster has been identified as smart. As a former teacher, I can tell you that having a very bright child in class, one who asks ...

Selig family donates $2.5 million to Sojourner Family Peace Center
The Selig family has gifted $2.5 million to Childrens Hospital of Wisconsin, to be used toward the Sojourner Family Peace Center in Milwaukee...

Session to focus on gifted students
The Liberty School on Tuesday issued a call for a community brainstorming session to create a high-octane, collaborative approach to developing programs for gifted youngsters.Teachers, school administrators, parents, interested community members and gifted students themselves are invited to put their heads together, starting at 6 p.m...

1,200 Local Foster Children Receive New Toys and More
LOWELL, ARK. -- More than 400 local foster children living in Benton, Washington, Madison and Carroll counties were gifted with brand new toys yesterday (June 19) during a fun-filled afternoon hosted by ...

Discipline, a must for gifted kids - The Star Online

Discipline, a must for gifted kids
The Star Online
In their formative years, gifted children are just like others their age. As parents and guardians, we must have the strength, patience and wisdome to tackle them. Failure to do so will lead to an unhappy and troubled childhood that may spill over to .


Labour reveals full education policy
Labour has unveiled its full education policy, with extra support for children with special needs, as well as gifted children...

DAYTON, Ohio, Dec. 8EUR” Nine parents of intellectually gifted children gathered here recently in a basement room, and when they spoke of their children on that raw autumn night, they did not brag. A 9-year-old boy, with abilities three to four years ahead ...

Gifted Children Have Special Needs Too
Though not often recognized as EURœspecial needsEUR students, gifted children require just as much attention and educational resources to thrive in school as do other students whose physical, behavioral, emotional or learning needs require special ...

Meet Britain's pushiest parents: Vibrating boots to boost 10-year-old Aliyah's brain, cabbage juice by the gallon and .
Convinced that their 10-year-old daughter Aliyah is extremely gifted, Sasha and Shoshana Garfield from East Sussex have devised a special regimen to boost her brain power...

President of Maryland Coalition for Gifted and Talented Education to speak - The Star Democrat

President of Maryland Coalition for Gifted and Talented Education to speak
The Star Democrat
EASTON EUR” Yvonne Golczewski, president of the Maryland Coalition for Gifted and Talented Education, a Maryland affiliate of the National Association for Gifted Children, will speak to the local Families and Citizens in Support of Gifted Education group .


Fewer Children Entering Gifted Programs
The number of children entering New York City public school gifted programs dropped by half this year from last under a new policy intended to equalize access, with 28 schools lacking enough students to open planned gifted classes, and 13 others proceeding ...

Gifted Challenges: Are all gifted children early readers?
It's true that many gifted children read at a remarkably early age, amazing family and preschool teachers alike with their almost eerie knowledge of language. Many of these children are also highly verbal, possess a large ...

Meryl Wolf earns fellowship to University of Connectict program
Meryl Wolf, the Supplemental and Gifted Education teacher at Roberge and Woodside elementary schools, was recently named a Gina Ginsburg Riggs Fellow by the Gifted Child Society, Glen Rock. The honor is bestowed based on professional excellence, leadership, among other criteria...

The trauma of a gifted child whose mother was Alice Miller - Haaretz


The trauma of a gifted child whose mother was Alice Miller
Alice Miller (1923-2010) was a psychologist who studied childhood and became an icon in the field for her first book EURœThe Drama of the Gifted Child,EUR which has sold millions of copies worldwide since its 1982 publication. She wrote about the ruinous .


"My child is not gifted." Crying at first but accepting it later. - Atlanta Journal Constitution (blog)

"My child is not gifted." Crying at first but accepting it later.
Atlanta Journal Constitution (blog)
Za'Riyah Jones (left) and Laryssa Brogdon use pennies to test the load-bearing capacity of a bridge they built with spaghetti and marshmallows. Teacher Rudoph Liggins dreams up hands-on learning activities for his gifted students at Chapel Hill .

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Abraham Tannenbaum Dies; Groundbreaking Theorist in the Field of Gifted . - TC Columbia University

Abraham Tannenbaum Dies; Groundbreaking Theorist in the Field of Gifted .
TC Columbia University
In 1983, after years of research, he published the influential five-point EURœSea StarEUR model for identifying children and adolescents who are potentially gifted. His 1983 book Gifted Children: Psychological and Educational Perspectives (MacMillen) is .

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Gifted education 101: Should gifted children in school be accelerated?
It's a topic that both sides think they know the answer to: When a child is working well above his or her grade level, is it better to leave the child with age peers or accelerate the child to study with grade level peers? Proponents of acceleration point ...

Labour to support gifted kids and special character schools - Scoop.co.nz (press release)

The Farming Show

Labour to support gifted kids and special character schools
Scoop.co.nz (press release)
A Labour Government will help gifted children reach their full potential by properly funding dedicated and effective programmes outside their regular classes, Labour's Education spokesperson Chris Hipkins says. EURœLabour will restore a ring-fenced fund .
Labour unveils full education policyThe Farming Show

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Thumbs up to Labour Partys Gifted Education support
New Zealand Centre for Gifted Education backs the Labour Partys announcement it will support gifted children if elected. Ring-fenced funding and extra teachers for special education is a start to help support the diverse learning needs of gifted ...

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