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If you are the parent or guardian of a child that may be gifted, it may be desirable to test for giftedness. Testing gifted children is important for several reasons. First of all, the proper tests can help parents and teachers identify both strong points and weaknesses. This is important because the child's strengths and aptitudes can be nurtured while weak points can be worked on in a way that does not put too much pressure on the child. Many people don't realize that a gifted child may be extremely talented in one area but need work in another.

Testing can also help the school your child attends determine whether or not they should be placed in a special talented and gifted (TAG) program. These programs are especially designed for children who have been designated as gifted and offer a curriculum to meet their special needs. Some gifted kids who are not enrolled in such a program may become bored in their normal classroom because the work is far below their abilities and they do not feel challenged or excited about learning. In addition to TAG programs for the intellectually gifted there are music and art programs for children who excel in these areas.

There are different kinds of tests that can be administered to determine giftedness. IQ tests given in a group classroom setting can help, however there are individual types of tests that can be administered that are even more helpful. These tests should be given by a specialist who is experienced in recognizing and working with gifted youngsters. Once the results are in the score will be evaluated and intellectual giftedness will be determined, staged or ruled out. There are different designation from mildly gifted to exceptionally and profoundly gifted.

Testing gifted children for artistic or athletic talents is a bit more difficult because there is no IQ test that can be given. However you may recognize certain talents in your child that are clear and evident. If this is the case, speak to their pediatrician or school regarding programs that recognize, develop and nurture their abilities. Schools offer athletic programs, artistic programs and music programs designed for talented youth. These programs can help children enjoy and nurture their gifts without making them feel out of place.


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Gifted 101
academy, children, education, gifted, giftedness, learners, Milwaukee, school, underachieving, perfectionism, overexcitabilities, twice-exceptional, genius denied, Scholaris Gifted Academy had tremendous growth over the past year, as a school and as a ...

Do You Have A Gifted Child?
On what point can all experts in gifted education agree? A gifted child can be talented across so many different areas that often you need to look hard to find him or her. But one thing is clearEUReach is a truly extraordinary individual. But theres a ...

School Days Daze - Huffington Post

School Days Daze
Huffington Post
I have what is called a gifted child, but gifted is not always a gift, and along with a high IQ can come a high level of sensitivity and some difficulty relating to other kids. Highly gifted children are often misdiagnosed with a myriad of syndromes .


Preventing Affluenza: When and How To Tell Your Children about Family Wealth
Many experts, but not all, say that wealthy parents who plan to give substantial sums to their children should talk to them about wealth early EUR when theyre about six to seven years old...

MISSOULIAN EDITORIAL: UM donation worthy of pause - The Missoulian

MISSOULIAN EDITORIAL: UM donation worthy of pause
The Missoulian
And, they have quietly provided scholarships for gifted children. The Petersons understand the difference their latest, biggest donation will make. They are the parents of gifted sons, and their money will be used to fund research into education for .


Children may book a tax deduction
I'm 87 and selling off a collection of books and other papers. If I gifted them to a library would the tax benefits pass to my children?..

All children shouldn't be lumped together at school
Why would any school want to hold back children that are gifted? If we have children who want to be challenged, why not give those children a challenge? Especially if their parents want this for them. From my viewpoint, we need more parents who know what ...

Announcing Launch of the New Prize for Gifted Croatian Children - The New York Academy of Sciences

Announcing Launch of the New Prize for Gifted Croatian Children
The New York Academy of Sciences
NEW YORK, September 16th, 2014 - The New York Academy of Sciences today announced it will establish the Soljačić Prize for Gifted Croatian Children to celebrate the most promising, noteworthy high school science students in Croatia. The Prize will be .


Gifted child, left behind
In 1971, researchers at Johns Hopkins University embarked on an ambitious effort to identify brilliant 12-year-olds and track their education and careers through the rest of their lives. The Study of Mathematically Precocious Youth, which now includes ...

Five more gifted artists make their way to Walk of Fame
Civic Lubbock honors those in music, theater and radio..

2014 Clyde statue given to hospital
A statue of Commonwealth Games mascot Clyde is to have a new home at a children's hospital...

Meet gifted child writer Sreedev - Deccan Chronicle

Meet gifted child writer Sreedev
Deccan Chronicle
Kottayam: His story is as touching as it is inspiring. Sreedev S, a class IV student of the Government High school, Manarcaud, is special in more ways than one. Suffering from 'dystonic cerebral palsy' a neurological disability from birth, he has .


The Problem with Gifted Children
If youve never been the parent of a gifted child, it seems like they would be the best kind of child to haveEURespecially in an academic setting. Theyre brilliant. That means that they basically teach themselves, right? No need for you to advocate ...

Training Dyslexics First to Hear, Then to Read
For most of us, reading comes as naturally as falling off a log. But for many otherwise normal-and even gifted-individuals, the task is an arduous one. In fact, as many as one in five schoolchildren suffers from dyslexia, an unusual difficulty in reading...

The musician who never spoke but we all listened to
Initially, he translated the music of his father into the mandolin and this was how his father knew that here was a gifted child. He soon received tutelage from Subbaraju. But the truth is that Shrinivas had to discover the mechanics of the instrument ...

How can we cut tax bill on our children's shares?
Q We were gifted shares on the birth of our first child for her and any subsequent children's schooling - they are currently valued at $170,000. We put the shares in her name and since then have filed an annual tax return, and had to pay a significant amount of tax...

14 Signs Your Grandchild May Be Gifted - Huffington Post

14 Signs Your Grandchild May Be Gifted
Huffington Post
You think your grandbaby is off-the-charts smart, but how do you know? According to the National Association for Gifted Children, about 6 percent of U.S. children are gifted. There are characteristics linked to a higher IQ, and knowing what to look for .

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UM receives $1.5M from Missoula couple to train teachers in gifted education - The Republic

NBC Montana

UM receives $1.5M from Missoula couple to train teachers in gifted education
The Republic
The money will allow for a professorship that will specialize in gifted education and advanced learning in the classroom. The donation will also fund research into how best to motivate gifted children to succeed. The school plans to fill the position .
UM gets $1.5 million donation for programDaily Inter Lake
UM launching gifted education programKPAX-TV

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Several parents of academically or intellectually gifted children at Roland-Grise Middle School are furious over their children's class placements...

Glasgow City Council donate Games mascot Clyde to children's charity
Glasgow City Council have gifted UNICEF Clyde, which featured in the city during the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games, to children's charity UNICEF to help raise funds for their Put Children First appeal...

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